Landscaping is a popular hobby among homeowners, as it is fun to do and increases the curb appeal of any home. With so many enthusiastic homeowners partaking in this fun hobby, trends have been formed within the past year. Here are a few of the hottest 2018 landscaping trends that we think will continue to be trendy for some time to come.

Local plants and foliage.

The first 2018 trend worth mentioning the idea of utilizing one’s local plants and foliage. By incorporating plants native to your area, you’re creating a landscape that is both sustainable and beautiful. Local plants have adapted to the climate in your area and will be easier to keep alive and maintain than plants that are sourced from other locations. Additionally, native plants are more likely to survive harsh winters and extremely dry summers if you live in an area with either condition.

The focal point is water.

Bird baths and fountains are beautiful additions to any yard- landscaped to perfection or not, so it’s no wonder that water has become a landscaping trend. Fountains, bubblers, ponds, and waterfalls can transform any yard into an oasis worth investing in, Water features available depend on your budget, yard space, and unique design dreams.

An asymmetrical design.

Gone are the days of matching both sides of your garden perfectly, and in are the days of eye-catching asymmetrical designs.  Many gardens and yards are being designed to have pathways with unstructured edges, that curve, and that use staggered and uneven stone patterns. These designs may also make use of seemingly random colors, however, each carefully planned color has been chosen with care and each design has been laid out with purpose.

Atmospheric lighting.

Although not directly a landscaping trend, as it doesn’t involve gardening, plants, or anything to do with nature, the inclusion of atmospheric lighting has become popular within landscape designs. Once a design has been completed, lighting is added. This lighting may be in the form of tiki torches, lanterns, or fairy lights shining over head. Some lighting is even installed within the ground as a permanent fixture.

A staircase going up.

Particularly popular within small yards and spaces, staircases are both functional and pleasing to the eye. The addition of a staircase can mean the difference between one level of gardens or two, or the inclusion of a white wooden bench or no bench at all. Staircases can be made from wood or stone, but for functionality sake, are usually built with stones

Privacy is key.

The key to a beautifully landscaped garden is being able to enjoy it in peace and quiet. The most common way of gaining privacy is by building a fence, however, within the past months, other methods have been popping up. This includes using foliage or climbing plants and a lattice board to create a barrier between the garden and the outside world.  Hedges are also being used, as they can be shaped, sheared, and otherwise trimmed to meet your tastes.