Landscaping is a great way to spruce up any yard. Even the most basic os landscaping projects can make a huge different to a yard that is boring, dull, and uninteresting. However, some yards pose problems that make landscaping hard. If you’re trying to figure out how to best handle your landscaping dilemma, maybe we can help- here are 9 common landscaping problems and how to fix them.

My yard is too rocky.

If your yard has a lot of rocks that cause you stress, why not use the rocks as part of your landscape design? Use them to create a unique rock garden. If you don’t have enough rocks to make a full sized rock garden, consider gathering some more and adding onto the problem area to transform it.

My yard or lawn space is too small.

If you have big landscaping dreams, a small space can be disheartening. In this case, the best idea is to think functional and beautiful. Design your landscape to have multiple levels that make use of gardens, steps, and stones. Each of these features will give the appearance of more space and allow you to branch out with your design.

My yard has a problem with water or drainage.

A yard that is too wet often poses a problem when it comes to landscaping as it limits what kind of plants can be grown and what kind of features can be installed into the design. To solve this problem, plant wetland flowers such as bayberry and ferns. You can also create a drainage path and use absorbent soils to keep the problem at bay.

I have no privacy and am worried that my yard will get ruined.

If your yard suggers from a lack of privacy and/or is located in a very public area that makes it prone to being littered on or walked through, the easiest solution is to install a fence. If you want to spend extra time on your yard, you could also install a lattice and plant vines or crawling plants underneath. Once the vines grow upwards onto the lattice, they will provide a measure of privacy from prying eyes and heavy feet.

My space gets too much sun.

Unfortunately, the sun can’t be “dealt with”. However, it can be worked with. Try planting a series of drought-tolerant plants such as cacti and succulents. Group sun-hearty plants together and consider planting tall vegetation to provide some shade.

My yard is too shady.

The opposite problem of the one above is too much shade. This can be easily remedied by planting shade-loving plants such as foam flower, lungwort, foxglove, and primrose.

My soil is eroding.

Soil erosion can be a major problem for landscapers. Soil erosion can be handled in a variety of ways: rock gardens, retaining walls, terracing, and erosion fabric. One of the easiest options, though, is to grow a deep rooting ground cover plant such as pachysandra (known as shade) or rosemary (known as sun).