The DPR 31/2017, in force since 6 April 2017, lists the interventions not subject to any landscape authorization and those of minor entity subjected to simplified landscape authorization which are involved in a quick and streamlined procedural process thanks to the unified models for the presentation of the instances.

In Annex A are defined the  small interventions  that, even if realized on restricted assets, are  exempt from landscape authorization . Among these are, for example, works for static consolidation and improvement of energy performance that do not involve substantial changes, but also the indispensable works for overcoming architectural barriers.
In Annex B, on the other hand, interventions considered to be of light impactare listed,  which benefit from a  simplified procedure . For example, these are anti-seismic and energy improvement interventions that involve innovations in the morphological characteristics of the building, as well as the construction of canopies and porticoes. 
In addition to the minor interventions indicated in Attachment B, applications for renewal of  expired landscape authorizations are subject to a simplifiedprocedure. for no more than a year and related to interventions in whole or in part not carried out, provided that the project is compliant with what previously authorized. If, with the request for renewal, project changes are requested that involve minor interventions, the ordinary authorization procedure is applied. 
The application for landscape authorization related to minor interventions must be completed, also in telematic mode, according to the  simplified model of  Annex C and must be accompanied by a   simplified landscape report , drawn up by a qualified technician, according to Annex D .